Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This is a lunar base that I improvised in photoshop. The dome, of course, is a greenhouse that supports plant life, which in turn supplies oxygen to the crew. The obligatory radio telescope provides a means for both communication and research.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


The above drawings are very quick pen and ink sketch coloured in photoshop.

I can not resist drawing Einstein sometimes, and this is a pen and ink speculative to the maestro. Paradigms are constantly shifting, and his insight into the nature of light will be remembered as one of the great paradigm leaps. As our understanding of physical reality shifts ever more, as many disciplines seek to understand nature from their unique perspectives, one can easily succumb to a feeling of instability. This is where Einstein was also insightful, in his expression for the need of a well grounded philosophy.

I will continue with a poem, entitled Behoovement

Where tempted touches tainted things
Or disconnected thoughts assuage,
Where hoovement be's itself that brings
Unself or other self to gage
And other and another felt
As ever and another seems
To that which that all else as sees
To that which that all else as deems
To be in absolute and done
In stone or rocks inviolate
That knocks all questions come or gone
Or bleeds such re all verberate.
Thoughts, like chapels, stoic stand
Against all gales of reason blast
Unless behoovement lends its hand
To gently crack inertia's cast.