Monday, November 19, 2007


This drawing was done in pen, marker, and coloured pencil.


Above is a rendering that was originally done in colour pencil and marker, then cleaned in Photoshop.
This was a Tempera Watercolor painting that was damaged and then cleaned up.

Above is a design I did for Warner Bros' Batman Beyond. I then coloured it.
Above is Santa's workshop for Bardell Productions. The original blue pencil sketch is further down the Blog.
Above is an original design for Johnny Quest, below I gave it subdued tones.

This is a pen and ink drawing for a chart, so there is a minimal perspective, and is treated almost as a flat pan.
Above is originally a rough drawing/painting based on a Film Roman project that never happened. A dollhouse from the "real" world gets transported to an underground netherworld. A dark take on dolls with a humorous twist.


Top: Batman beyond; Batman, Superman, and three Batman backgrounds.

A cargo hold for the Ultimate Avengers, Marvel Lionsgate Productions
A castle in pen and ink

These are Background roughs for a children fairytale theme. These are not as "Precise" as some of the more technical backgrounds, but have a vibrancy of their own, I think.

This is a boy detective inserted on to a rough background, both pen and ink. The boy has added tone.
Above is a quick marker sketch.

This is a Background sketch for a show that never made it: Malice in Underland.

Pen and ink, a London scene.

The above drawings were done for the Wolverine show, for Kickstart Productions in affiliation with Marvel Comics. the last two are a blue pencil rough and the pen and ink clean up.

Above is the original colour pencil and marker drawing which was later cleaned up (earlier in Blog)

The image above is a backstage drawing for the Batman series at Warner Bros.
This was done for Marvel Lionsgate, a simple one point perspective with a wide angle curve. It is drawn entirely in pen and ink.
Two scenes from the story "Three Billy Goats Gruff"

This was a colour assignment for Marvel Lionsgate, "Planet Hulk". The white area is a viewing screen.


Above are two very quick city sketches with a futuristic scene based on a story idea.

Above are two quick sketches of two architects; top: Frank Lloyd Wright, below: Le Corbusier. Wright advocated an integrated design approach emulating nature in the abstract; Le Corbusier advocated experimenting with minimal free form that was steadfastly separate from nature.

A really quick scribble on a paper towel. I was just getting down shapes onto paper.
Giganotosaurus. I contend that Dinotopia made this the king, by virtue of size. However,T-rex was bulkier, had far larger teeth, much more powerful jaws and better binocular vision. It would have ripped this one up.

Really quick sketch on a paper towel. Yes, looks like the Aries craft, but spheres are a very logical shape for space flight.

Moon Craft on a paper towel
A tribute to who some consider the greatest of the traditional animators, Milt Kahl. Perhaps too much of a scribble, it captured an idea at least.

The above is a very quick drawing idea for X-men Evolution. Sometimes pumping out volumes of ideas works, sometimes it gives one too much to choose from.

Scribbled ideas

A very quick character idea from a notebook.

A crude presentation from my notebook again-two characters I scribbled while thinking out a story

The four founders are pen and ink drawings, while the documents are copies thrown in.
Obviously I spent a little more time on this one-especially the cut and paste documents.

The above was a drawing on a napkin at a Borders coffee spot. I scanned and typed the caption, which was originally scribbled by hand--it is the type of silly humor that would make--only me--laugh.

These were also scribbled less than a minute apiece. These particular ones are not all my ideas, but established future cars that I wanted the basic shapes of as speculative notes, because they are possible-as opposed to merely fantastic.

While I am making notes on a story, I often like to do very quick sketch notes.

Another crazy quick scribble in a notebook.

This is a very quick pen and ink sketch in a sketchbook.