Monday, November 19, 2007


Above are two very quick city sketches with a futuristic scene based on a story idea.

Above are two quick sketches of two architects; top: Frank Lloyd Wright, below: Le Corbusier. Wright advocated an integrated design approach emulating nature in the abstract; Le Corbusier advocated experimenting with minimal free form that was steadfastly separate from nature.

A really quick scribble on a paper towel. I was just getting down shapes onto paper.
Giganotosaurus. I contend that Dinotopia made this the king, by virtue of size. However,T-rex was bulkier, had far larger teeth, much more powerful jaws and better binocular vision. It would have ripped this one up.

Really quick sketch on a paper towel. Yes, looks like the Aries craft, but spheres are a very logical shape for space flight.

Moon Craft on a paper towel
A tribute to who some consider the greatest of the traditional animators, Milt Kahl. Perhaps too much of a scribble, it captured an idea at least.

The above is a very quick drawing idea for X-men Evolution. Sometimes pumping out volumes of ideas works, sometimes it gives one too much to choose from.

Scribbled ideas

A very quick character idea from a notebook.

A crude presentation from my notebook again-two characters I scribbled while thinking out a story

The four founders are pen and ink drawings, while the documents are copies thrown in.
Obviously I spent a little more time on this one-especially the cut and paste documents.

The above was a drawing on a napkin at a Borders coffee spot. I scanned and typed the caption, which was originally scribbled by hand--it is the type of silly humor that would make--only me--laugh.

These were also scribbled less than a minute apiece. These particular ones are not all my ideas, but established future cars that I wanted the basic shapes of as speculative notes, because they are possible-as opposed to merely fantastic.

While I am making notes on a story, I often like to do very quick sketch notes.

Another crazy quick scribble in a notebook.

This is a very quick pen and ink sketch in a sketchbook.