Monday, November 19, 2007


Above is an idea that was first a pen and ink drawing (top) that I did, then I cleaned it and coloured it in photoshop (bottom)
Above is a poster done for a peace organization. It is in space above the Himalayas. There are three shuttles, which are adjusted stock, and a space station that I created in Photoshop.
The original thumbnail for this was a scribble with a roughly worked out perspective. Some of the pipe shapes are regular, some irregular. I realize that there are a lot of ovals put in perspective as well as circular discs. This may create visual confusion in the design. The theme involves a semi mechanized city.


Elliott said...

you're bg's/designs are fantastic. really great drawings.

Anonymous said...

Ill send you the concept of what we talked about. I just wanted to say on your page how increadible your work is! Shane.

Anonymous said...

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